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If you are a VC, Reseller, Retailer or Brand looking to win in Canada... We can help.
Who we are

We are a Cannabis Retail Consulting firm. We partner with you to build the right talent pipelines, with the right people - at the right time.

about Remington Retail

Have big plans in the Cannabis space? We have a team of executives that have lived, breathed and grew up in retail and now can help your company grow and win in this industry.

We have the Experience

We are much more than just your average retail-cannabis consulting firm.

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Need some help in executing your ideas?
Want to open several stores in new markets across the country?

Marketing, Brand & Omni Channel

Need to build your Brand?
Want customers to know who you are?
Social Media and Influencer Marketing.

Sales, Operations & E-Commerce

Need to drive Top Line sales?
Want to increase foot traffic coming to your locations?
Want to become Operationally Excellent?


Need the right people to help you with your vision?
Building partnerships to connect brands in your community.

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What we will help you with:

Marketing and Product Plan Development

Retail support & positioning

Channel and pricing strategy

Competitive landscape and insights

Sales, Distribution support

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Sales, Operations & E-Commerce

Some of our services include:

Content Generation

Social Media Networking

Website, Branding Development

Packaging and in Store POS

Consumer Engagement and Loyalty

Marketing, Brand & Omni Channel

Some of our services include:

Hiring and Recruiting

Training and Development

Customer Experience

Brand Experience and Events

Social and Tastemaker

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Some of our services include:

Locality Programs

Consumer Communication and Engagement

Digital Marketplace

Consumer Reviews

Tastemakers and Influencers